Auto Accident Injury

Patients who were Injured in Auto Accidents

Post-traumatic injury care is an important part of the recovery process for anyone who has been injured in an automobile accident. Even a minor "fender bender" can result in chronic neck and back pain, as a result of inflammation and eventual scar formation. By nature, injured tissue becomes stiffer, weaker, sore and is more susceptible to normal daily stress. This process may take weeks or months to occur, depending on several variables. This is why delayed onset is common in post-traumatic injury, the pain can show up weeks after the injury. The soft tissue (usually muscles, ligaments) and joints have to repair while still under normal demand. So as the tissue attempts to repair, over time the pain, weakness and stiffness may eventually result in loss of function, then the symptoms become important. The most common phrase heard is "I thought it would go away". The key to a natural, more permanent repair is to minimize this scar formation process, which prevents chronic pain and increases long term function.

     Remember, car bumpers are designed to reduce damage to the vehicle; however, the same energy that "bends" the bumper is transferred through the person driving the vehicle. As a principle of physics, energy cannot be created or destroyed…it is transferred. This unexpected transfer of energy occurs faster than our tissues can respond, thus the first phase of inflammation begins, resulting in the eventual pain and dysfunction. Post-traumatic injuries received in a car crash generally respond very well to our care.

     Our doctors and therapists are highly trained and very experienced in helping patients overcome painful auto accident injuries that cause strained muscles/sprained ligaments, loss of joint motion and misalignments of the spine. Gentle joint mobilization, massage therapy, physiotherapy and corrective exercises will help you reduce inflammation and minimize scarring, in order to live without pain and regain the mobility that you once enjoyed.

     If you or someone you know suffers from pain or disability as result of an automobile accident, please call us for a free consultation. You are welcome to bring your x-rays taken at the hospital/MD for a second opinion. Our natural wellness approach to your recovery will also help minimize the stress related to car accidents, further relieving pain and restoring your body's ability to heal itself. You are going to get your car fixed, which you may keep for 3-5 years, so its time to be selfish and repair your bodily injury…there's no "trade-in" value high enough for that.

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