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Functional Nutrition for Optimal Health Performance

Welcome to hope, in that the future of our quality of life does not have to absolutely lead to the progression of disease (dys-ease). The health risks that are now taking decades off of the end of our families life; ie heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, are indeed avoidable. The two facors that are under our DIRECT control, and are scientifically proven to reduce the above mentioned health risk factors, are proper Nutrition and Exercise/Physical Activity. Unfortunately, many people don't have time, 30 minutes per day, to exercise due to a busy lifestyle. However, everyone has to eat daily, thus eating is the most effective way to reduce health risks, decrease body fat, increase energy and maintain lean muscle tissue.

The frequency of exposure to toxins (viruses, pesticides, pollution) and poor nutrient quality, determines the nature and extent of eventual disease pathology. For example, high levels of sugar exposed to our body via diet, results in the eventual onset of insulin resistance, thus Diabetes. However, just like exercise, the frequent exposure to high quality nutrients on a daily basis results in positive adaptation, just like a muscle reponds to physial activity, as it gets stronger. This website is a positive resource for anyone interested in this new concept of  applying high-quality, Funtional Nutrition to their families lifestyle.

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